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Oakwood Intermediate

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Oakwood Intermediate

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Welcome to Oakwood Intermediate School

Principal - Rocco Grande

Assistant Principal -Tommy Newton

Counselor - Mackenzie Zumwalt

Welcome to Oakwood Intermediate School! Oakwood is a 5th and 6th grade campus in College Station Independent School District. These are some of the activities and programs at our school.

Instructional Programs

Each student will have seven classes which include:

Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Physical Education, Advisory, and one elective.

Advisory - A 30 minute block of time attached to lunch to be used for announcements, tutoring, planners, homework help, recess, etc.

5th Grade Electives - Art, Music, and Drama are offered as semester long courses. Beginning Orchestra is a full year course.

Drop-off/Pick-up - Buses will load and unload on Timber Street. Car riders load and unload in the front of the building on Holik Street. If your child rides a bike, be sure they have a good lock. Do not drop off or pick up students in the faculty parking lot. Doors open at 7:45 AM.

Cafeteria - The cafeteria is similar to the elementary schools except:

  1. Students may select from a variety of foods (although the cost is currently $3.00 per tray; a la carte items vary in cost).
  2. Parents may put a block on your child's account to prevent him/her from purchasing snacks.

Counselor/Nurse - There is a full time counselor and a full time nurse on campus.

Gifted and Talent Program - Students identified for the Gifted and Talented Program will meet with the enrichment specialist to explore interdisciplinary topics. Please see Kathy Martin's link on the Oakwood website for more detailed information.

Advanced Programs - Advanced Language Arts is available for 5th graders who meet the qualifications. Your child's current teachers & counselor will determine who qualifies and will send us their lists.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email our counselor Mackenzie Zumwalt at, or to call our front office at 979-764-5530.

The following slide deck has frequently asked questions and their answers.

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